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Everything you must know about hangover

The Greatest Party Breaker Ever

You may enjoy all the parties you want, drinking without control of self-preservation, enjoying the moment, the music, the great feeling of flying even though you are standing with both of your feet on the ground, the room spinning around and other similar effects of alcohol consumption. However, after your night of heavy alcohol indulgence, things are bound to get more serious and less fun. Namely, hangover comes with both guns blazing, usually at the very onset of the next morning, making you feel miserable and better off dead.

Some of the most common side-effect of a previous night out drinking, at the same time being the main traits of a well-deserved hangover, are headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, sleepiness and other such sensations, making it impossible for you to function properly.

Basically, hangover is nothing more than your body's reaction to the alcohol poisoning you provided it with. Since our liver deals with alcohol to begin with, during the process of fermentation in digesting, it gets overwhelmed with the alcohol you add through drinking. Thereby, it cannot cope with it and most of the alcohol ends up in your blood, brain and the rest of your body, causing you to feel drunk and, usually pleasantly, disoriented. Later on, once you start suffering from the hangover, your body desires to cleanse itself from all the toxins you have exposed it to. Hence all the symptoms of hangover troubling you the morning after.

Controlling Hangovers

There are certain beliefs related to hangovers. First of all, people claim that, the darker the drink is, the more likely you are to suffer from a hangover. Thus, beer, red wine and whiskey are the most dangerous drinking companions, likely to stab you in the back once the thrill is gone.

Also, some people say that you should never mix drinks, let alone drink something strong like vodka and then continue with something light like a beer. Even though these claims are fairly true, the abundance of changes which affect our body after drinking excessively are the main reasons behind our hangovers. Thus, smart drinking is the best possible cure.

Experts say that taking a spoon of vegetable oil or butter an hour before drinking will make you more alcohol-tolerant and less prone to hangovers. Raw eggs or red caviar will also do the trick and so do fried potatoes with mushrooms and cabbage.

However, avoid lamb, boiled fish and cheese and never combine alcohol with tea, water or sparkling drinks.

Also, when the damage has been done, you can always use some of the over-the-counter anti-hangover pills. Alternatively, 20 drops of mint tincture into a glass of water can help you the morning after. Some find cure in soup, pickles, garlic and many other meals. Americans, on the other hand, treat hangovers with Coca Cola.

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