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Herbs for hangover


Almost the everyone experienced the consequences of too many drinks in the evening. You can’t get up, the head is killing you and making mere movement is hurtful. Next time, try not to mix so many different alcoholic drinks as the headache will most certainly be milder. Eat before drinking to avoid extreme symptoms of hangover in the morning. Cigarettes and alcohol, combined, may lead to worst hangover you ever had, because of the accumulation of toxins from both, smoke and drinks.

Normally, the liver and the kidneys can detoxify the body. This process takes time, more than couple of hours of sleep after heavy drinking. Headache and tiredness you feel after a long night are associated with the accumulation of the toxins in the body. Symptoms of hangover are different in each person. People usually experience headaches, dehydration, thirst, weakness, anxiety or sadness, nausea, etc.

Sleep enough and try to rest after a late night in town. Drinking alcohol to cure the hangover won’t do anything good, just worsen the existing symptoms. Drink enough fluid (plain water is the best) after you wake up and take a light meal. It will prevent dehydration and effects to the brain and also relieve nauseous feeling.

Be aware that overuse of alcohol may cause severe liver and pancreas problems, and develop emotional addiction to alcohol.

Hangover Relief

Some of the herbs or supplements may prevent or ease the symptoms of hangover.

Vitamin C (if used regularly) will most certainly ease the toxicity of alcohol and hangover. Magnesium supplements will take away the tremor and tension often present after waking up. Complex of vitamins B in most people decrease the toxicity of alcohol and decrease the craving for alcohol in some people.

Mixture of primrose oil and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is also considered to be helpful in treating hangover.

For nausea, use non-carbonated ginger drinks, or a drop of Japanese mint oil on the tongue. Sometimes, gentian, peppermint or centaury herbal teas might relieve the upset stomach. Drink the mixture of peppermint and fennel emulsion in the water. It is said to soothe the stomach and ease the pain.

Hangover might trigger migraine. In that case use the tea, made of agrimony, centaury and wormwood. Mix the equal amounts of the herbs and use 2 tablespoons of the mixture. Put it in the boiling water and leave for 5 minutes. Filter the tea and use is as it is, without added sugar. It is believed to help in severe headaches caused by hangover.  

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