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After a wild night out, a hangover is an inevitable consequence. In the morning or the day after the excessive consumption of alcohol the previous night, headaches, thirst, nausea and lack of energy cannot wear off easily. Hangovers trigger psychological symptoms such as irritability, depression and anxiety. Alcohol heavily intoxicates people's organisms so diarrhea in the morning is quite a common symptom.

Headaches sometimes can be splitting, becoming worse when moving the head or even eyes. Alcohol causes the dehydration of the organism so a person can feel an insatiable thirst and lethargy. Vomiting is not a rare problem after alcohol consumption in the morning. Vomiting is accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and noise. All of these symptoms can be decreased by various homeopathic remedies. One of these is Nux Vomica.Nux Vomica is particularly effective to intense headaches a person experiences after heavy drinking.

Nux Vomica is taken very frequently until the symptoms ease and the general health condition improves. Nux Vomica can be in the form of pills or in liquid form. Pills are taken with water, usually mixed in a glass of water and taken until the organism revives. Stirring liquid Nux Vomica in a glass of water, it is also effective, especially if taken every half an hour. Once the signs disappear, Nux Vomica should not be used any longer. This homeopathic medicine affects any kind of headaches, thus tension headaches, headaches felt with constipation problems, or after too much work, also disappear after taking the medicine.

While drinking alcohol it is advisable to drink a glass of water after each glass of an alcoholic beverage. Drinking water is preventive for dehydration. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect so if water is not consumed throughout the whole evening it is recommended to drink two or three glasses of water before going to bed or simply to stop drinking alcohol an hour or two before calling it a night and turning to water. The next day, drinking water can be helpful but dehydration is not easily recovered from.

Eating too much greasy and heavy food while drinking alcohol can account for a sick stomach and nausea. A drop of Nux Vomica before sleeping can help, as well as Pulsatilla 30. Dried spearmint leaves or fresh ginger in hot water have an effect on problems with digestion. Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and zinc taken before the intended alcohol consumption can reduce symptoms. Thistle milk is beneficial to the liver, which is negatively affected by heavy drinking.

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