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In general, this article deals with what happens after drinking alcohol in large quantities. What a person finds to be a large quantity of alcohol is individually determined. It can range from two or three drinks, to a whole bottle, or more. It depends if a person is a heavy drinker or not. Symptoms that indicate hangover may be fatigue, headache and dehydration.

Working or doing some activity under the influence of hangover is just as dangerous as doing it when drunk. Legal law permits alcohol level in blood while driving to be 80 mg per 100 mL of blood, so the best thing to do after a night out in the town is to sustain from driving within the next 24 hours.

Some other symptoms that might appear as a result of a hangover are sensitivity to noise and light, pain in the muscles, diarrheas, vomiting and feeling sick, shaking, tremors and red eyes. It may be noticed that some symptoms are similar to being drunk. The reason for that is that alcohol remains in your body, and sleep is not as good as it is supposed to be. So the morning after you will feel as if you didn’t spend enough time sleeping. Dehydration of body causes a thirst and headaches.

All of these symptoms can depend upon the amount of alcohol which has been drunk, weather you have been eating while drinking, what kind of alcohol you have been drinking, and your constitution. People that are heavier can absorb alcohol better.

Conducted studies show that darker alcohol drinks have toxic compounds (congeners) and they are the reason why people who consume dark alcohol drinks have worse hangovers than the others. Also, a chemical found in alcohol, called tyramine, is responsible for headaches.

Alcohol consumption can also cause malnutrition, because it uses all storage of vitamins.

Things that can be done in order to help people who have hangover are related to returning the water in their body and they can be given some painkillers. Medications that are based on paracetamol are the best and the most commonly used. It is also a confirmed fact that natural sugar helps the body to process the alcohol. So, it is good to eat vegetable soups so that you can rehydrate and restore vitamins in the body.

If you do not want to have any more experience with a hangover, you should limit yourself to one drink an hour. Another good advice is to eat before drinking, and while drinking, drink also plenty of water. Try not to drink dark colored drinks such as vine, brandy and port.

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