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The Hangover Issue

Many of us enjoy a good night out withseveral drinks now and then. However, drinking does not seem to bethe problem. Rather, the morning after is what makes us regret thenight before. Hangover is the greatest enemy of people who enjoy agood sip. However, there are things you can do in order to avoid thenasty effects of hangover. We all know that increasing water andjuice intake can be beneficial. Also, we know that we should stayaway from coffee, cigarettes and more alcohol, if we want to get ridof all the hangover symptoms quickly and effectively. All in all,there is not a single cure that works for all individuals since weare all different and prefer different drinks in different amounts.Nevertheless, some of the following tips can be more than useful intimes of need, when hangover is about to make your life a livinghell.

Tips and Tricks for PreventingHangovers

The first ground rule is to provideyour body sufficient rest in order to recuperate from all the alcoholyou fed it with during the previous night. Thus, you need to sleepand stay relaxed. So, it is best to plan a day off after everydrinking spree you are about to have. Water and juice intake iscrucial, so do not forget do have plenty of these. Orange juices arebest for these purposes since they are extremely rich in vitamin C.Alternatively, you might opt for vitamin sport drinks like Gatorade.Also, you will need more minerals in your body. Therefore, pickles,canned fish and other such meals will serve you great. Even thoughcoffee may seem to help, it actually decreases your water levels,triggering dehydration which only makes things worse. That beingsaid, you are advised to avoid coffee during your hangover suppressionperiod.

Even though drinking alcoholicbeverages in order to fight off a hangover may seem illogical, youcan benefit from having a Bloody Mary, Virgin Mary or Hair of the Dogsince all these drinks contain natural additions which can help youget better while you surprise your organism with a different kind ofalcohol than the one you drank the night before.

Taking a shower may be of assistance,especially if you switch between cold and hot water in order to getyour organism going. Alternatively, exercising can help, since itgets your blood pumping and helps your body expel the alcohol easier.Finally, you might deal with the headaches and other hangoverproblems by drinking an Aspirin or some other type of anover-the-counter painkiller or hangover medicine.

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