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To Beer or Not to Beer?

Popularity of beer as a beverage is notto be questioned not even for a second. We all know how many peopleenjoy this beverage daily, and continue drinking it for the rest oftheir lives. However, we also know that many who know no limits tothis beer consumption, often end up with having quite a large beerbelly. These phenomenons are very hard to get rid of and they aremainly formed due to the great caloric value this alcoholic beveragepossesses. Thus, beer drinkers often end up blaming their passion forthe current state of affairs regarding their looks. This, however, isnot fair. Numerous factors influence the appearance of beer bellyupon one's stomach and most of them are closely connected to the beerdrinker's lifestyle. Namely, drinking in moderation will surely leaveyour belly as it is. On the other hand, excessive indulgence in beeris bound to leave its mark on your physical appearance. Moreover, ifyou combine your passion for beer with bad eating habits and lack ofphysical exercise, you are not even supposed to expect a figureworthy of Michelangelo's David in the first place. With greatpleasure comes great responsibility, and without this responsibilitycomes only beer belly.

How To Get Rid of Beer Belly?

First and foremost, stop drinking somuch. A pint daily is more than enough. This way, you will enjoy allthe benefits of this beverage rich in antioxidants. Many recommendmoderate consumption of beer and alcohol in general and all is wellas long as you know your limits. You may enjoy beer without gettingintoxicated or experiencing blackouts. Any overuse will surely takeits toll on you, causing beer belly and numerous health problems.

Next, make sure you stay away from junkand fast food. Even when you cut your daily dosage of beer,malnutrition will easily prevent your beer belly from disappearing.Therefore, you are highly advised to introduce vegetables, fruit,proteins and healthy fat into your diet. This will make yourmetabolism better and thus prevent excessive fat from being created,reducing the size of your troublesome belly in no time, making youfeel wonderfully healthy at the same time.

Last but not the least, being a couchpotato and having the remote control as your only exercising machinewill not make you fit, but, it will surely make you fat. You need toexercise regularly in order to burn those extra calories being themain culprits behind you beer belly.

To sum up, enjoy your beer inmoderation, eat the right food and lead a physically active life.Having these three rules as your lifestyle guides will make yourstomach tight and attractive without ever having to spend a day notenjoying a good, cold pint.

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