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Alcohol and Human Beings

The more we know about the harmfuleffects of alcohol, the more we consume it without any borders orlimits. Today, there are many alcoholics in the world, while a vastmajority of people consumes an alcoholic drink every day. This tragicset of facts leads to quite some concern, since binge drinking, inthe long run, can prove to be quite dangerous for one's both mentaland physical health. All groups and ages of people are prone toexcessive indulgence in alcohol. However, college students and otheryoung people pretend to be the most common group. This makes thisproblem even more dire.

Facts about Binge Drinking

Binge drinking, by definition, isdrinking many, at least five, drinks in a short time span in order toget intoxicated. Most of the time, people indulge into binge drinkingwhile in company of others. Still, many times they drink largerquantities of alcoholic beverages with a sole intention of gettingdrunk beyond self-control. Thus, this has nothing to do with drinkingin moderation or drinking responsively. Rather, this is the mostdangerous method of alcohol consumption being potentially harmful forboth the intoxicated individuals and their surroundings.

Interestingly enough, binge drinkers donot consume alcohol every day. Thus, taking into consideration thatthey binge drink two times a day in average, they are not addicted toalcohol in any way and are capable of living and functioning normallywithout it. However, their binge drinking spouts can trigger alcoholintoxication which leads to a high blood pressure, neurological andliver damage, injuries and many other health problems. Intoxicatedpeople are the cause of most deaths on the road and trafficaccidents. Also, people who are prone to binge drinking often getinto physical and verbal confrontations with other people, sometimesending in death or serious injuries. Additionally, alcohol deprivesone of water, leading to dehydration. Moreover, in the long run,alcohol consumption may result in a decrease of mental functions,triggering dementia and other problems of this type.

Children drinkers are the major problemin both the UK, the US and the rest of the world. This is a commonproblem which both poor and rich societies face. Some children startdrinking from their 8th year of life, becoming alcoholicsquite fast. The rest of the statistics are also quite grim.Therefore, if you desire alcohol, have an occasional, smart sip nowand them, without mixing drinks or going overboard with the quantity.Also, do not drive when you have been drinking and never drink whenyou are underage.

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