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Drinking Over Night, Suffering in the Morning

Most of us indulge in a night of serious, more than moderate, drinking now and then. However, few of us remember that specific blurry night, while all of us tend to remember the terrible morning after. Nausea, lack of strength, dizziness, drowsiness and desperate aggravation are just some of the feelings we are left with while our body tries to expel the leftovers of alcohol in it. However, this all does not necessarily have to be so. Namely, there are certain types of food which have proven themselves excellent for removing symptoms of a hangover. Thus, choose rightly and have a morning like every other while having a night like no other beforehand.

Best Anti-Hangover Types of Food

First of all, to the rescue comes coffee. This drink, the caffeine in it, to be more specific, speeds up our metabolism, thus making our blood flow faster and our organism cleans itself quicker. Therefore, this is an excellent start for one's hangover removal plan.

Secondly, there can be numerous other foods which can help you. Based on theories and experiences of many, as well as on practical usability, one of the things that can help are carbohydrates and sugar. Eating something heavy and sweet in the morning, like doughnuts, or helping yourself with a standard, heavy breakfast including bacon and eggs, may both be great choices. Sugar also acts as a metabolism booster, thus having an effect similar to the firstly mentioned coffee. However greasy meals tend to stand as an opposition to alcohol in our organism thus negating it and removing symptoms of alcohol overdose. That being said, the rule is sugar and carbohydrate, as well a protein overdose, against alcohol overdose.

Fried food in general, is often considered a hangover remedy, mostly in Europe. Nevertheless, there are many who believe in the power of soups claiming that a soy or a beef soup, combined with boiled eggs, some noodles and meat, and works like a charm. The English claim that their famous blood pudding serves as a more than excellent cure for the purpose.

Finally, although there might be many other recipes, some you may cherish as your proven remedies, still, one thing goes with all. Drink water. Water, drunk excessively during these recovery periods, helps greatly with organism cleansing and recovering. Also, bear in mind that if any other meal works for you, eat it and get well. The only questionable, or, more paradoxical approach which some tend to follow through is alcohol against alcohol, the “you cannot get drunk if you hadn't gotten sober yet” rule. This, although having some truth in it, is highly uncreative and unhealthy to say the least.

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