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One Beverage, Many Misconceptions

Alcohol and weight gain go hand-in-handsince time immemorial. For various qualities this beverage has, it isknown to be able to increase one's body weight if consumedexcessively. However, there are numerous theories, coming fromvarious different sources, each claiming different things. Forexample, even though majority of people knows, and it has been provenscientifically, that beer and other alcoholic beverages contain avery high level of calories, some people even go to the extreme ofsaying that beer is excellent for a person's organism, making him orher lose weight. These two contrasting theories both have some truthbehind them. Alcohol is good for one's organism. Nevertheless, toomuch of anything is not a good thing. Thus, drinking more than a pinta day may not prove to be as good as you think. Moreover, you mightseriously jeopardize your health this way. Finally, one conclusion isto be drawn from these Differing theories. This beverage is healthywhen consumed in moderation. Every excessive indulgence in alcoholresults in negative side-effects, some worse than the others.

Does Alcohol Make One Fat?

There are several things people whothink alcohol increases your body weight clam. Firstly, they takecalories into consideration. This is a very strong argument indeedsince alcohol is one of the richest beverages, when it comes tocalories. Thereby, excessive consumption will surely give rise toyour beer belly and increase your overall weight.

Secondly, alcohol has another notoriousside-effect. Namely, after a night out drinking alcohol, one'sappetite is likely to go wild. Cravings for greasy and unhealthy fastfood are often present right after putting the pint down for thenight. So, if you drink often you are likely to eat bad often. This,of course, reflects on your body figure.

Finally, once you wake up the morningafter a alcohol drinking night, you are bound to feel weak and lazy.This clearly indicates that you will be unable to perform anydemanding physical activities like exercising, this fact contributingto your fat accumulation if repeated often.

May I Use Alcohol To My Own Advantage?

You have heard about the effect thisdrink has on your organism and your lifestyle. Thus, make it work foryou. When you consume alcohol, make sure you do it in moderation, notmore than once a day, preferably making a day off after every day ofconsumption. Moreover, when feeling hungry due to alcohol influence,eat something healthy rather than something greasy.

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