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What is a hangover?

A hangover is a condition that is actually a consequence of alcohol abuse. There are quite a few home remedies that can be used to treat the condition and reduce the severity of its symptoms.


Sometimes the so-called “hair of the dog” can be the best way to alleviate the symptoms of a severe hangover. It means that a person can actually drink just a little more of any alcoholic beverage in order to relieve the symptoms of the hangover. This method may or may not be that successful and it will hardly do any good if a person suffers from nausea because it is virtually impossible to ingest any alcohol in a nauseous condition.

Sometimes it is best to opt for a strong, well spiced Bloody Mary. Another common home remedy that can be used for the treatment of hangovers is ginger. It is very efficient in relieving nausea and fighting indigestion. Ginger can be consumed in the form of tea or chews although it can also be consumed in its raw form when boiled. Alcohol is very harmful because it depletes the human body of numerous essential vitamins and other types of important nutrients.

Vitamin B is a remarkable remedy when it comes to the treatment of severe headaches. Some people even ingest it with large amounts of water before going to sleep because they believe that they will prevent the hangover from occurring in the morning by doing so. In order to recover from a hangover a person needs a way to efficiently replace the missing electrolytes and hydrate the body in a proper way. In order to hydrate the body one must drink large amounts of water, but fruit juices and Gatorade can also be of great help.

Another measure of precaution is to ingest plenty of liquids before going to sleep in order to avoid having a hangover in the morning. Eating sardines or pickles may provide a great relief for those who have a severe hangover because they provide the body with precious salt, vitamins and other nutrients. Saltines and toast can come in very hand when it comes to fighting nauseous conditions.

A severe hangover can also be relieved by having a huge breakfast that is rich in grease. One must eat slowly in order to avoid puking. Sometimes the only way to get rid of a nasty hangover is to regurgitate. Sleeping as much as possible will also help a lot in healing a severe hangover.

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