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Mystery of Alcohol

Have you ever wondered why, while youare having a good time at some party, the person who has drunk themost is usually the one having the reddest face in the crowd? If youranswer is yes, simply connect the dots, one dot being the bottle inthe red-faced person's hand, and the other being the person's face.Redness in the face is one of the most common side-effects of alcoholconsumption. It usually takes place when one has had too many drinks,even though it might strike after a single shot. People of Asiandescent are more prone to this condition. However, all may have theircomplexion changed due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Basically, the redness is triggered bymany processes happening in your body, while it tries to protectitself from alcohol by producing counter-chemicals. Some people donot have these chemicals produced in the right way, due to geneticcomplications. Then, this results in their facial blood capillariesgetting dilated, hence the redness. Nevertheless, this can also be asign of danger, since people who experience redness while drinkingcan suffer from esophageal cancer due to alcohol consumption mucheasier.

How Does Alcohol Flush Manifest Itself?

Apart from the obvious symptoms, whenhaving too much alcohol and suffering from this facial redness, oneexperiences reduced blood pressure, increased pulse, headaches anddizziness. However, it does not stop there since swollen face,fatigue and vomiting may all potentially take place and they usuallydo.

Can It Be Cured?

Well, as people usually say, preventionis the best cure. So, restraining yourself from alcohol or consumingit in moderation may be more than enough for treating your facialredness problems. Jeopardizing your health is too big of a price topay for indulging into something which is harmful anyway. Thus, foryour own sake, you are advised to stay away from alcohol or reduceyour indulgence to a bare minimum, since you are not geneticallybuilt to tolerate it correctly.

Some people claim that taking stomachacid medication may result in cessation of the redness problem.Still, consult with your doctor before trying anything like this.

All in all, taking into considerationthat your chances of suffering from esophageal cancer are up to 10times more if you are prone to this redness while drinking, perhapsthis could be a reason enough to stop or reduce your alcohol intake.

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