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The link between elbow pain and weightlifting

This kind of pain is not at all uncommon for people who work out, and many of them tend to experience it from time to time. It is particularly common among beginners because they want results as fast as possible and it takes some time and patience before they learn how to perform each exercise correctly. Also, they tend to lift heavy weights sooner than they should and sooner than their body is ready for that weight. However, even those who are experienced in weight lifting can face this kind of pain, and this usually happens because after some time the joints in the elbows become affected by the weight that is lifted if that is performed continuously. A reason more for elbow pain to occur in those who lift weights is imbalance and lack of proper body balance, since this results in injury of some kind very easily and elbows and muscles of the back are primarily exposed to such injuries.

It might be useful to make a distinction between the pain that occurs directly above the elbow and the pain that occurs at the front of it. The first is more common in those who perform a lot of seated or standing dips and close-grip bench press exercises, and this is the sign to cut back on the number of sets. The latter is more common in those who tend to overstrain the biceps by performing biceps curls with dumbbells, for example, or concentration curls.

How to alleviate pain in the elbow?

First of all, if a person wants to begin with weight lifting, then it is important to find a professional who will help him or her at least in the beginning, because that is when help is most needed. Also, it is important to be supervised until figuring out how exercises need to be performed. Then again, it is important to do one’s best in order to prevent any injury, including this one. And the best way to prevent pain in the elbow is not to lift too heavy weights.

Regarding the steps that can help in alleviating the pain in case it appears, the following can be of help:

Ice, which is known as pain reliever if only applied for 20 minutes. Rest, which is absolutely necessary if pain in question appears, is essential for healing as well. This means that weight lifting should be avoided for a while.

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