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Chronic bicep pain

Bicep muscles

Many sports people who engage their arms in the exercise tend to suffer from bicep pain occasionally. This pain is most frequent in the weight lifters and bodybuilders, but tennis and golf players are also prone to experience the pain in their biceps. In some cases, it happens that the pain spreads down the arm and the person finds it difficulty to bend the arm at elbow.

The bicep muscles are the muscles of the upper arm, which are on the frontal side. They are attached to the bones of the shoulder by the means of fibrous tissues, which are actually two tendons. One tendon has the role to join the bicep muscle and the bone of the shoulder, whereas the other puts the bicep muscle and the elbow together.

Causes of bicep pain

In the majority of cases, the repetitive motion of these muscles and lifting the heavy things are the main causes for the appearance of pain in the biceps, since they become damaged. This damage refers to either partial or complete tearing of the muscles, which occurs due to excessive pressure that is made on them. In the case of a minor strain, the person just has to take ample of rest for a day or two, and the pain will disappear, while the muscles will function again without any problem.

When the bicep muscle is overstrained, it is called pulled bicep muscle. This condition is characterized by tearing of the fibers and tissues that create the biceps. Pulled bicep muscle often occurs due to the strenuous activities when the biceps are used for a long period of time.

Pain in the bicep muscle also occurs due to bicep tendonitis, which refers to the tendons’ inflammation. Bicep tendonitis often appears as a result of bicep muscle overuse. When the tendon that attaches the muscle to the elbow is torn, the pain is quite common, as well as swelling in the elbow area.

Treatment of bicep pain

Pain in the biceps can be reduced significantly by taking rest and not using the arms for a while. It may take a day or two to recover the damaged muscles. While resting, it is advisable to put the ice packs on the affected muscles for about 15 minutes, since it can provide the relief for pain and swelling. If the home remedies do not work, a doctor should be consulted and certain medications should be taken. Only in serious cases, a surgery is carried out.

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