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A Bodybuilder's Misconception

There is a great misunderstanding of the notion of being strong, well-shaped and fit. Most often, upon proving one's physical strength, people tend to flex their muscles, displaying their biceps as tokens of their physical development and capabilities. However, there are numerous other muscles in the human body, and each and every one of these is very important. Therefore, appearance is secondary; what counts is the overall fitness and muscle mass. That being said, you need to be aware of the necessity to perform numerous different exercises for each different muscle. There are many exercises which concentrate solely on a single muscle or on a group of different ones. All in all, you need to know which exercise is for which muscles in order to successfully organize your workouts, making them thorough and highly effective. So, in order to clear out another misconception, read on to recognize the differences between curls and chin ups and their effect upon your biceps.

Chin ups vs Curls

First of all, chin ups involve a chin up bar and you pulling your whole body weight up by grabbing onto the bar. This does involve your biceps muscles. Nevertheless, they are secondary here since your back muscles are far more crucial for this exercise, even though your biceps muscles will be well shaped as well, as long as you perform chin ups regularly and thoroughly.

Curls, on the other hand, involve sitting on a bench and using solely your elbows for lifting weight and exercising. This places stress only upon your biceps muscles, leaving others relaxed. Therefore, this workout is best for training this muscle only. Moreover, it is best to be combined with chin ups, adding the last touch to your bicep formation.

Combining the Two

As mentioned above, your muscles can only benefit from these two exercises. However, you need to include the both into your workout program in order to maximize the overall effectiveness of the process. Thus, perform chin ups before the curls. Also, you can always be creative and modify your workouts a bit. For example, you might consider performing chin ups in different ways than standard ones. You can move directly under the bar, change the direction of your palms while, grabbing it, or change the speed of the exercise performing. The same goes for curls. You are advised to change the weight, type of weights and your exercise patterns often so as to make your whole workout experience better and its effect on your body more astonishing.

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