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There must be an element of variation when it comes to weight lifting regimes. People's body's are different, and so the exercise requirements will differ when it comes to each individual. Focus and discipline are important when it comes to achieving ones desired exercise goals. In order to exercise properly, one needs to formulate a schedule and stick to it. A casual approach will generally not result in the achievement of ones goals. It is also important to remember that diet and rest are vital with regard to exercising and working out effectively.

Weight lifting and physical fitness
With regard to diet, this is often a factor that is overlooked by those who are just beginning to embark on a weight lifting regime. A weight lifting regime will not be effective unless the regime is combined with proper rest and diet. For those just beginning to work out in this manner, it is important to keep the workout simple in the first few weeks of the routine. In this period, one should remember that it is usually better to focus on exercises aimed specifically at developing particular parts of the body. Exercise regimes can be altered and improved after about seven to eight weeks.
Weight lifting and weight loss
It is often said that once exercise ceases, muscle will turn into fat. This is not necessarily true, since muscle and fat are two different things. Fat cannot turn into muscle. Remember that when exercising one should try to avoid the dreaded burnout. Make sure that you dont overtrain, as this might take an eventual toll on strength levels and sleep patterns.
One good regime might take the following pattern. On the first day, work out the chest and triceps. To work out the chest, use a bench press machine, an incline press, dumbbell flies, and a chest fly machine. Triceps can be worked out through exercises such as the triceps push downs, one arm triceps extensions with dumbbells, lying triceps extensions, a close grip bench press, or through the use of a triceps machine.
Take a break on the second day, before working out the legs and shoulders. Legs can be worked out through squats, leg presses, leg curls, leg extensions, and the use of a leg machine. Shoulders can be exercised using a military press, a dumbbell press, side laterals, and front dumbbell raises.Day four should be a break, while day five should focus on the back and the biceps.

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