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Why does elbow forearm pain occur?

The joint in the elbow is certainly a very important part ofthe body, particularly when it comes to hands and their movements, since it alldepends on how flexible and strong the joint in question is. Still, this jointis particularly susceptible to stress and injuries, and the pain which isusually inevitable in such cases, varies depending on the cause. When it comes to causes, those that are the most common aretendinitis, arthritis, injuries, fractures, or dislocation of the elbow. Tendinitis can cause three types of elbow pain:

lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow,medial epicondylitis, also known as golfer’s elbow, andbiceps tendinitis, which is a result of recurrent flexion ofthe muscles of the biceps.

Injuries and fractures in the elbow result in pain in theelbow forearm pain because a tendon or a ligament is also injured, or becausethey are severely damaged in cases of fractures, along with blood vessels inthat area. Dislocation of the elbow is extremely painful and itrequires immediate medical attention in order to reposition it, otherwise, thejoint can be damaged permanently.

How to reduce the pain in the elbow forearm?

This type of pain can be temporary or persistent, but again,it all depends on the cause. In cases of pain that persists, it is advisable todetermine the exact location of the pain, as well as the activity that causes thepain in the forearm elbow. Once this is done, the activity that causes pain hasto be avoided, and in case the pain is present when lifting something that isnot heavy at all, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

As for the steps that can help to reduce the pain at home,if possible, pain relievers should be avoided. Instead, applying ice toaffected area might help with the pain and inflammation if they are present, andbandages or compression sleeves might also be of help. If necessary, pain relieverswith anti-inflammatory characteristics (ibuprofen, for instance) should beused, but with caution when it comes to daily dosage.

Some cases (and causes) require wearing a sling in order toremind the person not to use that arm and to rest it as much as possible. The periodthat usually needs to pass for this pain to be healed is not longer than threeweeks and after that, the person can begin with some moderate exercises. There arecertain exercises for elbows that can be done, but it is always recommended toconsult a physical therapist.

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