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If you are contemplating going onto a vegan diet you may be slightly confused with what you can eat, what you cannot eat, how to cook certain dishes. Veganism basically means that you do not eat anything that comes from an animal including the dairy product, meats and to be a true vegan it even means you do not wear clothes made from animals and steering clear of the by-products.

Raw Vegan Recipes for Beginner Chefs

To be a raw vegan means you combine veganism as described above and raw foodism. This statement means that as well as following the rules for being a vegan you also cannot heat food above forty eight degrees Celsius. Breakfast Mix Recipe

You will need one large apple, one large stalk of celery, between two and four spinach leaves, one medium sized pear, two table spoons of either almonds, walnuts or pecans, two table spoons of currants or raisins and half a tea spoon of cinnamon. Firstly you will need to clean the fruit and wash them and deseed them. After this step you will need to place the nuts and the raisins in a food processor so they become a bulky collection. At this point you can incorporate the spinach, fruits, celery and the cinnamon with the nuts and raisin mixture and process it all together for another one or two minutes. You need to ensure that the combination does not become a runny matter it needs to stay rather solid. If you like you can add a little coriander or even flaxseed for some seasoning.

Burger Recipe for Vegans

You will need one cup of soaked walnuts, a quarter of a cup of soaked sundried tomatoes, a clove of garlic, half of a Jalapeño pepper, however, you can use any type of pepper you like, one table spoon of miso and some water. This recipe is very easy, all you need to do is add all of the ingredients you have prepared and place them in a food processor. Now you need to crush the mixture with a little minimal water and you should be left with a mixture that is thick but without any lumps. At this stage you can make patties and place them on dehydrator sheets and allow them to dry out for about forty five minutes or more. This dish can be served with some lettuce on the side.

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