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Most people associate dieting with the food. They are careful about what types of foods they eat and they usually follow diets based on specific food groups and types. However, beverages are just as important. Some of them promote weight loss and others, even though they seem low-calorie and lean, actually have the opposite effect and they can ruin the entire diet regime.


Water is the most important beverage. It is not only the best possible drink in the world, but it is also essential for the human health, functioning and survival. In addition, water plays a very important role in weight loss. It flushes out the toxins, speeds up the metabolism and even provides a sensation of fullness. In addition, ice cold water burns calories more than other beverages. Dieters are advised to have at least eight tall glasses of plain water per day.

Alcohol and soda

In most of the diets, alcohol and sodas are completely banned. Alcohol is basically sugar, and sodas are packed with sugars, and sugar is almost never allowed in a diet. These beverages are very caloric and they also stimulate the appetite.

Those who cannot go by without at least some alcohol should learn about which types are more caloric than others. Pure spirits like vodka, rum or gin are probably the best choice because they contain approximately 100 calories and little carbohydrates.

Wine is also allowed in small amounts, as long as it is not too sweet. Beer is definitely not a good idea because it is one of the most caloric alcoholic drinks.

Coffee and tea

Plain black coffee is fat free and relatively low in calorie. Adding sugar or cream is not a very good idea, and if black coffee is just too strong, some low-fat milk can be added.

Plain tea, without any sweeteners or milk is also allowed. In fact, green tea is not only allowed, it is encouraged. Green tea is believed to help in boosting the metabolism, flushing out the toxins and stimulating the fat burning process. This makes green tea one of the best drinks for dieters.

Fruit juices

Fruit juices are allowed in most diets, as long as they are pure and natural. It is best to make the juice at home, with fresh ingredients and without any additives like sugar. Different fruits can be combined in juice cocktails, and some of the vegetables can be used too. The best juices are usually made of apples, citrus fruits, berries, carrots and beets.


Milk usually does not sound very dietary to most people, but if used properly, it can actually aid the weight-loss process. This is because it causes the sensation of fullness. Milk does contain fat and calories, but if drank in moderation, and if using only low-fat varieties, it can be used in a diet.

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