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Today's man, especially young and middle-aged men are extremely worried about being overweight. Many books and cover stories of glossy men magazines are suggesting the best activity to burn some unwanted fat. The perfect combo is physical exercise and proper dieting. Fat-free and extreme diets never work in a long run, and give always only temporary results.

However, there are some types of food that could help you losing extra weight. Even by eating them, you will be losing some fat, because this food is known to boost the metabolism. Increasing the rate of burning the calories, you will melt the fat from your body. Regular exercise and diet enriched with these so-called fat burning foods can give great results.

Soups as Fat Burning Food

Eating soup before the meal may actually feel you less hungry. It will give you a solid amount of energy, without significantly increasing the calories or fat you took. Many times, liquid meals are not satisfying and you feel even hungrier than before. The soup is different and it will energize you. Just remember the advice for cold and fever – eat some soup and you will feel better.

What to Drink

Green tea, milk or coffee might also be good for you in the battle against some extra weight. Both caffeine and green tea speed up your body. Green tea works on your brain and nervous system, while caffeine affects your heart. Skimmed milk, on the other hand, is an excellent source of calcium, proven to be beneficial for people on weight loss diets. It is also full of complex carbohydrates that lower insulin level in your body and thus enable burning of your body fat.


Beans and hot peppers are also excellent choices of fat burning food you could make. They work in different ways, because beans suppress your appetite and hot peppers speed up your metabolism. Beans are also known to contain plenty of proteins and fibers, and some sort of beans (pinto, especially) can prevent rapid increase of blood sugar, being the food suitable for diabetic men.

Oats and Grain Cereals

People around the globe eat grain cereals of oatmeal for breakfast. It’s because this food is rich in: carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and healthy fat and oils, what makes scientists discover the decrease of heart diseases in people eating this type of food.


Turkey and chicken meat has been found to contain plenty of proteins and very little of fat, which makes them exceptional for men wanting to lose some weight. Explanation is pretty simple – your body spends more energy metabolizing proteins than the actual energy (calories) of that meat.

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