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For those who wish to lose some weight for aesthetic or health reasons, following certain diet regime is one of the options. There are numerous different diets one can choose from. It can be hard to find the most effective and at the same time the healthiest diet since all diet methods have their advantages and drawbacks. Here we will list several popular diet programs that can be of help in selecting the one that suits you the best.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is a diet plan based on the principle that you have to replace bad carbohydrates with good carbohydrates for the weight loss purpose. It does not require to count the calories or to deprive of carbs.

This diet program is divided into three phases:Phase 1 – in this phase a dietitian can consume everything else except for carbohydrates such as fruit, starch, milk, alcohol and others. This phase lasts for two weeks. Phase 2 – the dietitian can slowly introduce some of the banned foods and can last until desired amount of weigh is lost. Phase 3 – it is a maintenance phase in which the dietitian can eat normal portion sizes but has to stick to the basic guidelines of the diet. This phase lasts for life.Advantage of the South Beach Diet is in amazing result in a short period of time and the dietitian is not supposed to experience food cravings. Disadvantage is that the meal plan can be quite expensive.

Calorie Restriction Diet

The Calorie Restriction Diet is designed to help people lose weight, slow down aging process and promote overall health. It is the healthy diet that requires a dietitian to reduce amount of calories for about 20-30%. However, drawback of the diet is feeling of hunger and necessity to always calculate calories of each meal.

Zone Diet

The Zone Diet is a diet program based on a correct ratio between amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat. A dietitian is allowed to eat all of these macro nutrients but must avoid fruits and vegetables rich in sugar as well as pasta, rice, bread and potatoes. Alcohol, sodas and sweats are also forbidden. The Zone Diet is suitable for diabetics as it can help to control blood sugar level. Although it is very nutritious diet and one can successfully lose weight, there is a high risk of weight gain once the diet is finished.

Atkins DietAtkins diet plan offers quick weight loss and is easy to follow. This diet involves restriction of carbohydrates in order to change a person’s metabolism and eating habits. With this diet the dietitian does not feel hunger since protein and fat that are predominating require longer time to be digested. Disadvantage of the Zone Diet is that reduced amount of carbs can result in low energy levels and affect vitality. There are also several health risks associated with this diet.

Detox Diet

The Detox Diet helps to flush the toxins out of the system resulting in improved liver and kidneys functions. With this diet one will not only lose weight but rejuvenate his or her body and generally feel better. However, it can be hard to follow this diet since it is very restrictive and a dietitian constantly feels hunger.

Green Tea Diet

Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants and has many health benefits. It can also stimulate weight loss although it does not provide quick results like restrictive diets. Green tea simply boosts metabolism and slowly but safely results in weight loss. However, unlike with restrictive diets, once the Green Tea Diet is finished the lost pounds do not come back.

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