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People, especially woman, keep diets during the working days, but when Friday comes, they look forward to cocktails. Spending night in a town implies consuming cocktails. That actually annihilates all the week long efforts of dieting. Cocktails are supposed to have a lot of calories, but it is not a general rule. People can be easily misled in the belief that alcohol doesn’t have calories. But compared to carbohydrates or proteins (4 calories in 1 g), alcohol has more calories (7 calories in 1 g). This article gives you several diet mistakes that can help you avoid bringing in more calories.

All calories add up when you mix drinks. That is not the case with wine and beer. Avoid mixing drinks and the calories will not double. Alcohol also increases you appetite. After a few drinks, you can easily find yourself eating something. It is because alcohol lowers blood sugar.

According to Carolyn O’Neil, co-author of The Dish on Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous, if the amount of the alcohol is higher, than the amount of the calories is bigger. For example 80-proof vodka has 64 calories per 1 oz and 100-proof vodka has 82 calories per 1 oz. When you are at a party, the waiter often refills your glass even before it is empty. So, you don’t know how many drinks you actually had. If you are a beer-drinker, than it is better to drink light bears, because they have less calories.

Your diet can also be destroyed due to the raising popularity of super-caloric cocktails. They tempt you to try them, but try to resist. Avoid chain restaurants, but if you are already there, then don’t order jumbo drinks. Here is some advice on how to avoid adding up calories in alcohol drinks. It is better to start your evening with water just to satisfy the thirst. Don`t hesitate to ask for a light cocktail. A good idea is to mix cocktails with water, club soda, low calorie juices, artificial sweeteners or sugar free syrups.

It is also important to eat something before you attend a party. That diminishes your hunger after a drink or two. In addition to this, it is important to know how many calories your favorite cocktail has. So, it is helpful to take a look at this text, because it can give you some useful tips on how to keep a diet and avoid cocktails that contain high-calorie amounts.

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