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Overview of the tuna fish diet

The tuna fish diet plan has become one of the most talkedabout diets in the last couple of years because its effects sound mythical. Noone is really quite sure as to who composed this diet or recommended it to thepublic and how, but the fact that it is circling around remains. Any doctor whohas ever been associated with it has denied the connection because the diet isdefinitely not something that a physician would or should recommend.

The thing about this diet is that it lasts for only threedays and its regime is quite extreme, but effective, in the sense that theperson can loose up to seven kilos. However, the calorie intake is so low thatit borders starvation.

As for the tuna part, the diet does not consist of primarilyeating tuna. A good way to put it would be that tuna is merely the face of thediet, which is probably because of the fact that it’s very healthy and rich inproteins.

Foods andbeverages included in the diet

The best way to illustrate this diet is to simply provideits recipe which is basically the same for each of the three days.

Every day, the diet starts off with the breakfast thatincludes half a grapefruit or the juice in the same amount and some blackcoffee or tea. The second part of the breakfast involves a spoonful of peanutbutter on toast.

The next meal is lunch, and the prime ingredient of lunch istuna fish. One is allowed to have only half a cup of tuna fish together with apiece of toast and some black coffee, water or tea.

As for dinner, it actually includes meat and a little lessthan a kilo of it. The kind of meat required is any kind of lean meat that isserved with a cup of green beans and a cup of carrots. Afterward, one isallowed a cup of vanilla ice-cream that is best to be low-fat, as well as anapple. The possible beverages once againinclude black coffee, water, or tea.

By the way, additions to this diet in the form of herbs,spices or sauces are allowed. It’s also highly recommended to make sure to drinkfour cups of water a day, aside from the one that’s consumed together with ameal.

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