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There are the many safe and effective ways in which metabolism can be increased naturally through healthy living. Making a decision to lose some weight means really committing to a diet plan. Whoever wishes to succeed has to prepare for serious lifestyle changes. A lot of patience, energy and focus are crucial for success. However, many great weight loss programs will help to achieve this goal. All these diets have one thing in common: avoidance of sugar, fat and the other junk foods.

The South Beach Diet

This diet relies on the good and bad carbohydrates method. It develops in three phases. In the first phase on may eat all that he wants except carbohydrates and alcohol beverages. Second phase leads to re-introducing some of the banned foods. This phase may last as long as the patient wishes or as long as it takes to lose weight. Phase 3 is characterized as a phase that is believed to preserve patient’s new weight. Good side of this diet is that it does not make one feel hungry but the most common complaint about it is that it can be extremely expensive.

Calorie restriction

This is the easiest method to lose weight because it grounds on removal of some types of food. This is a very healthy way to reduce excessive weight because it also reduces hypertension problems. However, the unpleasant feeling of hungriness most often fallows it. Additionally, it requires precise count of calories intake and perfect knowledge of the nutritional content of each food.

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet allows eating carbohydrates, proteins and fat, while eliminating fruits and vegetables rich in sugar, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, and alcohol and soda beverages. This diet helps to lose weight very quickly but once completed it puts patients at a risk of gaining the weight again. This is known as yo-yo effect of diets. Further restrictions are necessary if one desires to maintain the new weight.Dr. Atkins Diet

This diet enables to quickly lose weight. Good side of this diet is that it makes one feel satiated but on the other hand low carbohydrate intake may result in loss of energy and vitality. If one takes carbohydrates during the diet, the effect of diet falls behind. Alcohol is also completely forbidden.

Cleansing/Detox Diet

Detox diet is the best solution for those who want to feel more fresh and vital. It cleanses the liver and thus helps it metabolize food more quickly. A bad side of this diet is that it provokes the feeling of hungriness and it can hardly be maintained for more than two weeks.

Green Tea Diet

This is the easiest diet plan very much appreciated by the experts and shows significant results. It will help lose weight and improve general health. It is very safe way to slowly lose extra pounds that will not come back.

Natural Health DietThis is a very good weight loss plan for everyone determined to follow a healthy diet. Limited portions and reduced amount of fats intake will make this diet even healthier. Physical activities, even the light ones such as walking or cycling, will boost metabolism and make the weight loss even easier.

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