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Cigarettes and Body Weight

Many people gain weight after theirsmoking cessation. This is true for many different reasons. Firstly,cigarettes suppress one's appetite. When having nicotine in yoursystem, it makes you less hungry. Thus, you are likely to eat less.However, this can hardly be enough to demotivate you to be carefulwhat you are eating after you quit smoking. Rather, you need to eathealthy and, surely enough, your weight will be regulated just fine.

Next, people are reluctant to stopsmoking since they burn calories through this unhealthy habit. This,also, is true, since smoking increases our metabolism, making ourbody burn up to 200 calories per day more. Nevertheless, upon quittingsmoking, you may spend these calories through running, power walkingor simply taking a stroll for about 30 minutes a day.

Finally, in many cases, people who quitsmoking, fill in the empty space in their life by introducingovereating as another habit, whenever they would usually light acigarette. Still, exercising is a far better choice for this gap tobe filled, so take it into consideration since it will make youhealthy, fit and happy.

Deal with the Body Changes

Once you stop smoking, your body willstart regenerating. It is a process you need to be familiar with sothat you can plan your steps and deal with the potential problemsbefore they even happen.

Since you are going to have appetiteproblems after smoking cessation, make sure you eat more often, butin smaller portions. Also, make sure that the food you eat is lowerin calories and healthier. This way, your eating will help you stayhealthy, while, at the same time making you feel full withoutovereating.

Also, smoking is a stress-releasedevice for many people. Thus, once you quit it, you need to find areplacement rather than sit all day, being nervous and wanting tolight another cigarette badly. Take up a sport, watch some TV, listento music or indulge in a hobby of your interest. Whatever you do,stay away from smoking and keep yourself entertained andconstructively occupied.

Finally, some people need to deal withthis battle of cigarette rejection on a deeper, spiritual level,motivating themselves towards success and persistence. Meditation andyoga are great for these purposes since these activities will boostyour will power, make you persistent and resilient, fighting yourprevious smoking addiction until the very end, when you completelyreject cigarettes from your life.

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