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Cough medicine for children

Cough in Children

Cough can be caused by a number of different reasons, including: allergic reactions, virus infections, sinus and other respiratory problems. There are two distinctive coughs: one is dry and the other one is with the mucus. Usually, dry cough indicates that there’s something (bacteria or some different particles) irritating the throat. Productive cough, which contains mucus is associated with bronchial infections and sinusitis.

Children find cough especially hard. It can cause sleeping problems and affect the mood and the behavior of a child. Most cough medicines for children are in the form of the syrup, since the kids are more likely to tolerate this form than any other.

Be careful and always read the label on the syrup – many are made strictly for adults and shouldn’t be used for kids. Frequently used cough syrups for children are: Tylenol and Triaminic. Be aware that cough syrups aren’t suitable for children under the age of 10.

Tylenol is used to treat kids with fever and coughing, and sometimes to ease common cold headaches. Tylenol contains expectorant, which breaks the mucus and supports its excretion. It is made in many flavors, so the kid might choose his/hers favorite one, making the treatment looks like a game.

Triaminic syrup contains substances which suppress the cough. It is made especially for children, who experience cough and sleeping problems, because of the lung infection. Triaminic is proven beneficial to put the children easily to sleep, without being interrupted with cough.

Vicks is designed to treat dry cough, and it is said to effectively relieve even the stubborn dry cough. This syrup contains honey, which is one of the best known natural products that affect the cough.

Cough Remedies for Young Children

You shouldn’t use any OTC (over the counter) medications in children under the age of 4. However, there are several products labeled as infant syrups, but these are not safe or approved by the FDA. Most specialists will advise using the saline drops and suction pumps and, sometimes use of humidifiers.

Natural Remedies for Cough in Children

Doctors frequently recommend natural preparations, to relieve cough in children. Recommendations include: plenty of water, teas and soups. More fluids you take more easily the mucus will be excreted.

Natural remedies also included fruit juices sweetened with some honey. Grape juice and honey would ease the throat and there is also lemon and honey mixture for cough. You shouldn’t give honey and lemon to kids under 12 years.


Be careful when giving your child the syrup. Use only those prescribed by your doctor and approved by the FDA. Follow the dosage and the duration of the treatment closely. Do not use more of the medication than it was prescribed, because children are very sensitive to cough medications overdose.

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