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Dry cough can affect both adults and children, but kids found this situation much harder. Untreated cough might progress into chronic condition so you have to be careful when it comes to your children.

Children suffering from dry cough may experience voice changes and difficulties in swallowing the food. Many kids need much more fluids than usual at times when they have dry cough and their mood can also change for the worse. They can become easily irritated or agitated, because of this health problem. Treatment of dry cough may also be problematic, since kids often refuse to co-operate and drink teas, medications or remedies to cure this issue.

What Can Cause Dry Cough in Kids?

Usually, common cold is most likely cause of dry cough in children, as well as laryngitis (larynx membrane inflammation), whooping cough or asthma. In some cases, dry coughing might be provoked by air pollution.

Post nasal drip, when secretion from the nose drip into the throat may also lead to dry cough in children. Additionally, there are other diseases and conditions that can be blamed for dry cough, such as: bronchitis, pneumonia or pulmonary edema. Different lung diseases or even lung tumors could also be reasons behind dry coughing of your child. Allergic reactions can also lead to the development of this condition, as well as croup. Croup is common for very young children and they may experience fever, breathing problems, hoarseness and coughing because of this problem.

Nighttime dry cough is usually associated with: common cold, sinus infection, whooping cough and asthma, but in some cases emphysema was also reported to be the cause of coughing in children.

Dry Cough Remedies

Most people prefer to use natural and herbal remedies for their child’s cough than some sort of medications, fearing unwanted side effects drugs may cause.

Mixture of basil leaves and honey may be very efficient for dry cough in children. Use fresh basil leaves, crush them and then mix with honey. Another option is mixture of honey and turmeric powder.

Almonds soaked in water overnight and blended into paste with some honey can also ease dry cough. Many moms claim this remedy works perfectly because most kids love almonds.

Adult patients may benefit from eating garlic or ginger, but kids usually don’t like the smell and taste of these remedies. Try adding some of these to their food and maybe they will eat it and feel better.

Gargling lukewarm water with a little bit of salt might be fun for kids, but it can also resolve some dry coughing.

Herbal teas might also not be your child’s cup of tea when it comes to dry cough remedies, due to the taste. Try persuading him or her to take the tea and increase the amount of fluids (water and/or juices) they take during the day.

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