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Coughing and Coughing Constantly

There are many reasons which can be behind our coughing. Also, there are many different kinds of coughing in the first place. However, all these usually affect us, keep us coughing for a while and let us go, either through therapy we apply on our organism or without any influence at all. Nevertheless, sometimes, these coughs may remain permanent and trouble people for quite some time regardless of their efforts against it. Moreover, children can be affected by these chronic coughs as well.

What Causes Chronic Cough in Children?

The most common problem behind this continuous coughing spree in children is post nasal drip. This mainly manifests through the creating of excessive mucus in one's nose, going into the throat, irritating it and leading to constant coughing. Still, this is not the only reason of this problem in children.

Another cause of constant coughing in children is asthma which manifests through wheezing and breathlessness as well. Furthermore, any kind of respiratory infection may lead to chronic coughing, especially viral and bacterial ones, which affect children quite frequently. Alternatively, the child may be suffering from a condition called acid reflux where there is an increased concentration of stomach acids in his/her organism, rising up to his/her throat irritating it. The list does not stop there because various allergies can keep children coughing, especially if these are caused by airborne allergens. Finally, tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis can be the culprits too, along with some other diseases of this type. Therefore, it is important to provide your child adequate medical attention as soon as you notice this cough has started getting worse or has remained present through longer periods of time.

Treating Chronic Cough in Children

Basically, treating the cough means treating the causes behind it, since this coughing, in most cases is only a symptom. Upon visiting your doctor, he/she will examine you, find the reason behind your problem and recommend the best possible treatment which might involve medications or certain lifestyle changes.

As for home remedies, you might consider giving your child a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of lemon juice. This is bound to stop his/her coughing sprees. Also, warm milk with turmeric helps, along with increasing vitamin C concentration in your child's meals and snacks. Of course, if all these fail to make the situation better, and the coughs continue troubling your child, take him/her to the doctor and seek advice there.

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