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Many womenare known to dread catching a cold or getting a nasty little cough during the pregnancy because it’s widely acknowledged that the medications used to treatthese conditions can have quite the damaging effect on the fetus. But luckily,there are a couple of medications that have proven not to provoke thepreviously-mentioned consequences and are effective in getting rid of symptomsof a cold and a cough.

Consumingrobitussin during pregnancy

Robitussinis a cough medicine which is not only successful in driving away the symptomsof cough, but it also has no negative effects on the fetus whatsoever. Doctorsnever hesitate to recommend it and its content depends on the intensity of thecough that the patient is experiencing. While some of the cough syrups are madewith a mixture of different ingredients, doctors are likely to play it safe andprescribe pregnant women those syrups which are consisted of only oneingredient. A particular kind of the robitussin syrup which is characterized asplain consists of one sole ingredient which is called dextromethorphan, and itis quite efficient in making the cough subside. As for its content, which hasbeen carefully tested in the laboratories, it has proven to be completely safeand unable to bring any kind of harm to the baby.

Consumingmucinex during pregnancy

Mucinex isthe kind of medication that does not only deal with cough, but it is able totake care of all of the symptoms of a cold. The way this medication goesstraight into the core of the condition is by dealing with the phlegm beforeanything else. The phlegm is one of the prime symptoms of a cold, which isbasically thick, sticky mucus secreted by the mucus membrane of the respiratorytract. The way Mucinex affects the phlegm is by turning its thick texture intoa more liquid state and clearing both the respiratory passages and the lungsfrom it.

Consuminghytuss during pregnancy

Hytuss is amedication in the form of a capsule which is not much different from Mucinex.The fact of the matter is that that are based on the same main ingredient,which is called guaifenesin. This means that hytuss works in the same manner asmucinex, which is basically by starting with diluting the phlegm and clearingthe breathing passages and the overfilled chest, and eventually affecting thecough and taking care of it.

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