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When it comes to children, just about any health related condition can have huge impact on their regular daily routines, and do so to such an extent that it becomes fairly difficult to keep control. One of such highly disruptive conditions involves persistent and severe coughing, which is known to have the potential to bring about the onset of pain in a child’s chest and irritate its throat to a huge extent. Given the fact that cough is in most cases actually a symptom of some other underlying and more serious condition, it occurs rather fairly often. For example, coughing tends to become difficult to bear when a child in question is suffering from such health damaging illness such as the common cold, which is known to bring about the nasal congestion, i.e. stuffy nose in simpler term, which occurs due to the piling up of the mucus in excess and clogging of the airways. Our body always tends to do its best to find the best of solutions and free itself from such an unpleasant companion by attempting to expel all the mucus present by way of coughing. As for another variety of coughing, i.e. dry cough also represents body’s way of freeing itself from any particles that do not belong there in the lungs. Fortunately there exist great many anti-cough medications and syrups, but the downside is that, once a parent finds him/herself at the drug store, the choice becomes extremely difficult exactly due to the existence of so many medication treatment options.

Top and most effective cough syrups available

Given the fact that finding the best possible treatment medicine, in this case a cough syrup, can become an extremely tiring and frustrating process, which will not always end up to be successful, in continuation a list of those proven to be most helpful and effective can be found.

Benylin DM – when it comes to those children who are above 12 years of age, this variety is considered to be extremely effective in treating any type of cough with success. Since, long-lasting cough has the potential to have many damaging effects on the throat, causing it to become sore, this particular syrup is a miracle maker when it comes to warding off the soreness and the unpleasant pain.Robitussin – is the second in line and is considered as one of the best when it comes to cough suppression. It abounds in honey, which is known to alleviate inflammation of the throat to a great extent, as well as other manifestations that accompany the condition in question. Important information to bear in mind is that this particular syrup is intended for children older than 12 years of age only.Mucosolvan – is certainly most effective in decreasing the intensity and severity of the cough, as well as in removing the excessive mucus situated in child’s respiratory tract.

Another thing that plays an important role in curing cough aside from the content of a syrup in question is the proper dosage. Therefore, do always pay attention, and if uncertain, do not hesitate to contact a doctor.

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