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Causes of cough

We will give a list of the several natural remedies that can eliminate the annoying cough, which is bothering you for days. They will decrease the congestion, nasal passages will be cleared up and the cough will be decreased with the little help of these remedies. Throat irritation and foreign particles are the most common causes of cough. The respiratory passages lining is where a stimulation of the sensory nerve occurs, which is exactly what usually causes the cough. Also, the cough can be a result of some medical condition, such as bronchitis and asthma, but pharynx inflammation, larynx inflammation, pollution, smoke and dust exposure may provoke it as well. There are several medications that can be used once this problem appears. But since this problem can affect anybody, and even children, it is a good idea to know several natural remedies that can have the same effect as medications.


Honey is the first efficient remedy we will mention and it may be more efficient than medications you can acquire. You can put it in an herbal tea or warm water, and you can add a pitch of black pepper powder and ginger juice. This last remedy needs to be consumed from 2 to 3 times during one day. You can make another good remedy by mixing lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey, but you can also put honey in raw onion juice or a grape juice. These remedies will surely reduce the cough. Hot saltwater is a good gargling solution that can eliminate mucus and clean the throat. Another effective gargling solution is made by mixing turmeric powder, salt and lukewarm water. Boiled holy basil or grated ginger juice can be used as well. Make a paste from a skin of an almond that has been previously left in water during the night. Put some butter and sugar, and take this two times during the day.

Next remedy is made from boiled leaves of eucalyptus and mint. Cough will disappear if you inhale the steam coming from the boiled water. You can also use the mix of honey and Aloe Vera juice, honey and basil leaves, or mixture of lemon juice, grated ginger, basil and lemon grass. The last mix we have mentioned needs to be boiled and drank regularly. The chest congestion will be decreased if you drink a mix made of honey and Aloe Vera juice two times a day. Make a ginger tea by mixing two cloves of lemon and garlic, inch of ginger root and water. Then boil it and take it off the heat, but not before it simmers on the reduced heat for 15 minutes. Drink this tea and the mucus will be reduced, cough will be decreased and the nasal passages will be opened. We also advise the use of a humidifier and taking plenty of rest as good ways of reducing the problem of cough.

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