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There is almost not a person in the world who has never suffered from a scratchy throat and cough in his or her life. Most people experience this particular problem at least once every year and because of that it is considered to be a pretty common health problem. People should know that apart from being common, scratchy throat is a pretty annoying problem. A person who experiences scratchy throat will most often suffer from cough, problems with swallowing and a fever as well. It is also not uncommon for people to suffer from scratchy throat due to coughing. Scratchy throat is known to be caused by scratchy throat allergies. People should also know that this particular problem is far from a dangerous one and that it is usually treated by simple home remedies.

Remedies for scratchy throat and cough

There are a lot of remedies for scratchy throat and cough and a person who is suffering from it can choose for the one that best suits him or her.

Salt and warm water gargling is one of the remedies used most often. A lot of people opt for this remedy because not only that it is effective but it is also quite often recommended by doctors when people suffer from cough and scratchy throat. Both adults and children can use this remedy. The treatment is simple as well. A person should boil two glasses of water and then add 4 tablespoons of salt to it. Once the mixture becomes lukewarm, a person should gargle with it. Doctors advise people to perform this action two times in a day.

Lemon tea and other remedies

Lemon tea remedy is another very popular remedy for scratchy throat and cough. Lots of people prefer this one since it is quite tasty. A person who wants to use this remedy should boil ¾ cup of water for two minutes and then add green tea and boil it for another two minutes. After that, a person should add lemon juice. Adding honey is also an option. People should drink this tea a couple of times per day.

A person who does not want to use home remedies should know that there are some other remedies like cough syrups, painkillers, coltsfoot for scratchy throat and dry cough and myrrh gargle remedy they can use.


In addition to this, people should also consume a lot of fluids when they suffer from coughs and scratchy throat. Consumption of more vitamin C is advisable as well. A person should also avoid eating cold, spicy and oily food until he or she gets better.

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