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Coughing as a healthproblem

Coughing is a way in which the body attempts to clear thelungs and throat from foreign material or mucus and to make them sterile. Thereare different types of cough, including those that do not produce mucus, theso-called nonproductive and dry cough, but every type is either chronic oracute in nature. The causes of cough are also different, ranging from allergiesand asthma, to the inflammation of the larynx or pharynx and smoking. Even thoughit might sound unbelievable, the changes in the weather can cause cough aswell. The cause and the type influence the method of the treatment and eventhough the doctor is usually the one who will suggest the best option, thereare some so-called home remedies that might be tried out, because they haveproven to be effective and helpful in relieving the symptoms.

Pepper and honey as homeremedies

Pepper and honey are only some of the ingredients that areused in a number of home remedies.

Black pepper powder can be mixed with salt and used to fillone cut lemon in order to decrease the intensity of the cough.A pinch of white pepper (but grounded only) should be addedto a teaspoon of honey to cure the cough.Black pepper and long pepper should be mixed with dry gingerand the mixture should be added to honey in order to relieve the cough.Long pepper and pulp of Belleric Myorbalan fruit mixed withhoney provide a very useful combination for the treatment of cough.Honey can be combined with grape juice, since thiscombination is also helpful in the treatment of cough.A paste that contains red pepper, ginger, apple cidervinegar, honey and water is also an effective home remedy for cough.The syrup, which is actually a combination of the juice madeof onions and honey, is an excellent remedy for cough.

Some other homeremedies that could help

A paste made of almonds, butter and sugar has also proven tobe helpful. It is important to know that the almonds need to be soaked in waterfor a while, and then their brown skin should be removed.The sauce of ground raisins, water and sugar is also a goodsolution for cough, but in order to get the sauce, this mixture needs to be heated.Warm spinach juice should be used for gargling, since thisalso provides the necessary relief.

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