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Cough is considered a natural response of the body. It is highly effective in the elimination of foreign particles which cause irritation of the throat or lower parts of the respiratory tract. Coughing affects heavy smokers and is common in many infections of both lower and upper respiratory tract.

There are two different types of cough, congested cough and dry cough. A congested cough is always accompanied by a build-up of mucus or phlegm in the lungs. On the other hand, dry cough is irritating and does not involve excessive production of mucus and phlegm.

Cough Suppressants

Cough expectorants are medications prescribed in case of a dry and irritating cough. These medications can successfully deal with dry cough which commonly occurs in a cold, in case of inhalation of certain irritants and pollutants and in minor throat and bronchial irritation.

Cough suppressants contain active ingredients which can temporarily reduce or suppress the cough reflex. This way a person does not have an intensive urge to cough. A cough suppressant acts on the center of the brain and this way the cough reflex is controlled.

Cough suppressants are available in different forms, such as pills, liquids and tablets. These are oral medications. On the other hand, cough suppressants can also be administered in a topical form such as ointments and steam vaporizers or lozenges. Lozenges are in a form of tablet but they are not swallowed whole but slowly dissolved in the mouth and absorbed via the throat.

Cough suppressants generally contain dextromethorphan. This is an active component which reduces cough in adults. Codeine possesses similar effects as dextromethorphan but is much stronger.

Doctors generally tend not to administer cough suppressants to children under the age of 6. Some cough suppressants may cause drowsiness, which be taken into consideration.

Some of the most common cough suppressants include Cofnox Adulsa, CLEROL expectorant, KOFOQYL syrup etc.

Natural Cough Suppressants

Apart from regular cough suppressant medications there are certain natural cough suppressants. The most effective is honey which can be taken alone or in a combination with certain herbs. Several more natural cough suppressants include ginger, pepper, marjoram etc. But even prior opting for natural cough suppressant remedies one is suppose to consult his/ her doctor and obtain proper information.

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