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Cough is one of the most natural reflexes our organisms can experience. It is actually, the common response to some irritation of the respiratory system. Having in mind that the cough is the usual indicator of many different underlying diseases, it can be concluded that there are several general types of the cough, and the most frequent ones are the dry, barking and productive (which includes the mucous discharge) cough. At this point it is important to emphasize that describing the cough to the doctor will help a lot the process of making the diagnosis, or to be more exact, it will appoint to the type of the underlying ailment or illness that triggers the cough.

Nevertheless, although it can be said that all the people in general are usually affected by this trouble from time to time when they are ill, however, mostly affected by the cough are the toddlers. Toddlers are the small children, which are older than babies and younger than the children who are supposed to go to school. This period in the life of a young child is marked by developing the motor skills and making the first steps (hence the name toddler), and unfortunately, by the same health troubles that are likely to affect a lot of the children of the same age worldwide.

The cough is most commonly provoked by the entrance of the allergens, germs, bacteria, virus, or some micro-organism from the environmental air, which is also much polluted, by the flu or common cold, and the other disorders of the breathing system, such as asthma, bronchitis, the inflammation of the lungs. Consequently, the cough is the response to the problem inside the organism, and, in the case of the toddlers; unfortunately, it is especially aggravated during the night periods. So, the cough is almost always followed by the exhaustion of the child, the bad mood, nervousness, and the other similar problems.

How to suppress the cough the natural way?

Nevertheless, there are a lot of the medications available in the pharmacies which could be bought over the counter, and which are designed to lessen and completely deal with this annoying problem. For the toddlers, the medications are designed to be in the liquid form, and they are called the cough syrups. But, the problem is that the majority of those cough suppressants are based on the high level of sugar in them, so it is better to minimize the cough with the natural cough remedies based on the safe and healthy ingredients.

The most popular such ingredient is honey, which is already well known according to its benefits to the respiratory system. Also, honey will provide the relief from the accompanying itch in the back of the throat. Also, very simple remedy is the tea based on any herb, but the ginger is very recommendable, and the tea could be also used as the inhaler. For the similar purpose, the oil from eucalyptus should be added to the bathtub. Or, the oil from sage (which is rich in the antiseptic agents) should be used as the decongestant.

Not to forget that the irrigation of the nose and mouth is very important, as well, and this simple routine should be practiced with the help of the salt diluted in the glass of water. And, the simple chicken soup is very helpful, too.

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