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Dry cough may be very irritating; if either you or your children have it, you want it stopped. Many pollutant in the dust or air, cigarette smoke or smog, can contribute to you cough. It is important for you to try to identify cause of you cough, and avoid such pollutants that hurt you. Dry cough, as name says, is dry, nonproductive cough; it does not produce phlegm.

Successful dry cough remedies should be able to rest and relax your throat, suppress the cough and allow you or your family members to take a brake from coughing and turn to daily duties.

Home remedies for dry cough

Here are some tips and proposals for various home remedies that you can use to fight dry cough problems;

WaterGlass of cold water can soothe your throat in cases when you are outside of the house and without any dry cough remedies at hand. Sip a little, wait for few seconds, and then carry on.

Cider VinegarMix 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar with glass of water, keep it by your side and sip it slowly when you have an urge to cough.

Milk and HoneyTry to add a tablespoon of honey into glass of warm milk and sip slowly, while inhaling the steam at a same time. This is excellent home remedy for dry cough to be taken before night sleep.

GingerPeel the small piece of fresh ginger and chew it slowly when you have the urge to cough.

Tea remedyTablespoon of honey and teaspoon of lemon should be added to warm cup of tea. You can inhale the steam from the cup, and honey will coat your throat and prevent your coughs.

HumidityExclusion of draught, insulation, double glazing and central heating are only some of things that should make us more comfortable, but that also mean that we live in a increasingly airless environments. If you are in the stuffy atmosphere and breathing same air over and over again, it is no wonder that you have a dry cough. You can try with bowl of water, indoor water features or humidifiers to add humidity to your living or work space.

Steam TreatmentsSteam can help you with your dry cough problems by stopping your cough and soothing your throat. You can try to pour hot water in the appropriate bowl and add few drops of some herbal remedy like Eucalyptus oil in it and inhale it for about 10 minutes, or you can do that on the larger scale; prepare the bath the same way. If you start to feel dizzy, stop.

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