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Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is the one containing the least fat of all the dairy products, while at the same time being very rich in protein, one of the most important nutrients. That’s exactly why, cottage cheese sounds like a pretty good base for a healthy diet plan. However, the cottage cheese diet plan is only three days long, and that kind of diet does not usually equal a healthy one.

These kinds of diets are usually too intense, bordering with starvation even, and followed by some extreme mood swings or feelings of exhaustion and weakness. The basis of this particular diet is cottage cheese, followed by some vegetables and fruits and a selection of drinks that has been reduced to black coffee, tea and water.

Menu for the cottage cheese diet regime

The cottage cheese diet plan is most successful when combined with as much grapefruit as can be included. The combination of a main ingredient of a diet that is already pretty low in fats and the kind of fruit that has the enzymes that burn fat more quickly than usual makes for a pretty speedy weight loss. The thing about this kind of diet is that not only is its content the same each of the three days, but its every meal is also basically the same.

When on such a diet, the day should start with a cup of black coffee together with cottage cheese and a piece of bread and finally, one fresh grapefruit. The next two meals are pretty much the same, except that the kind of bread should be wheat and the coffee could be substituted with some water or a freshly squeezed juice. Also, a small dessert is allowed after dinner, and it is a cup of vanilla ice-cream, preferably the low-fat kind.

If the diet is followed completely by the book, there is a chance to lose almost five kilos in the three days that the diet is held.

Does following the cottage cheese diet regime pay off?

The term pay off should be regarded as relative here because the answers vary on different levels. In the context of losing weight, the cottage cheese diet plan has proven to be successful in various occasions, so in that sense it does pay off. However, in the context of the cottage cheese diet plan being a healthy diet, it most certainly does not pay off.

First of all, it is because it simply isn’t healthy as it deprives the body from many nutrients whose intake is required daily in order to have a healthy strong immune system, and secondly, the cottage cheese diet, like any other diet of the kind is only followed by successful weight loss until the person returns to their regular eating habits. As soon as that happens, most of the weight is likely to return.

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