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Tofu is traditional Chinese type of cheese, made from curds of soybean milk, and it comes in a shape as a firm, extra firm and silken. Varieties of tofu differ from each other in degree of firmness, and as such, it is applied in diet and food preparing differently. Tofu has a very discrete taste, but absorbs very strongly any season or ingredient you mix with it.

Tofu has been known for centuries, firstly in China, and today, in the rest of the world. Firstly accepted in diet only by vegetarians, today tofu is made its way in the daily diet of many people. Tofu has a strong nutritional value, based on its soybean base, from which is made. Tofu is rich in minerals, proteins and plant components called isoflavones, which can act as estrogen hormone in the body. Tofu also has very low fat and sodium content, and it health benefits are many. Here are just some of them;

Weight loss

Tofu can be excellent part of weight loss program and diet, because of its low calories index; it has only 70-100 calories. Tofu also helps the weight loose by delivering all benefits of meat consumption, while keeping sodium and saturated fats at low levels.

Bone health

Tofu is excellent source of calcium, which is a main supplement for healthy bones, free of diseases like osteoporosis and rheumatic arthritis. Single serving quantity of tofu has more than 10% of daily calcium value, and less calories that any dairy product.

Strong energy and muscles

One serving of 4 ounce of tofu has 18% of daily protein requirements, and proteins are vital to maintaining muscle mass. The same amount of tofu also contains 33% of iron daily requirements, together with copper, selenium and manganese. All of those supplements help to protect DNA of cancer forming cells.

Heart health

Statistics shows very low percentage of heart related diseases in population, mainly Asian, that regularly consumes tofu. Proteins in tofu are strong helpers of maintain cholesterol levels in blood. Tofu also contains omega 3 fatty acids that are very good for heart health.

Prostate health

Isoflavones that tofu contains may help with prostate problems and disorders, especially prostate cancer. Studies shows that isoflavones prevents cancer growth and enlargement of prostate.

Menopause hormone balance

Same isoflavones that help men with prostate disorders also helps women with their menopause and peri-menopause disorders. As isoflavones acts as hormone Estrogen in the body, by regulating hormone dysbalances in those periods.

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