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This food has a lot of the fat, but also there are some nutritional aspects that cannot be disregarded. Our focus will be on these facts in the following text. As we have mentioned, cheese is not very popular due to its fat level and it is considered to be unhealthy. But there is also a high level of calcium and protein in cheese. There are 250 mg of calcium and 6 g of protein in 30 g of cheese. During the process of manufacture, not all the nutrients like minerals and vitamins are removed from the cheese. They all remain after the manufacturing process.

Is It Good for the Health?

Cheese is rich in fat and it can cause problems with cholesterol and sodium level, but this is associated with excessive consumption of cheese. Just be careful about the consumed quantities, if you are having the mentioned problems. The fat is metabolized by the body and then broken down in the glucose. Also, there is a possibility of consumption of cheese that is low in fat or even fat free. This is associated with hard cheeses, while the soft ones can be found with 1% of fat, or you can use part skim cheese items. Next, we will focus on the cheese types available today. There are phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin B, fat-soluble vitamins, proteins and carbohydrate in the cheese. These items are found in high levels, while nickel, mercury and aluminum are found in traces. Also, amino acids are found in cheese. The fresh cheese that has not been stored needs to be consumed by the pregnant women. People who are lactose intolerant can consume cheese, but dairy products are off limits. The lactic acid is formed from the lactose over time, so there is no danger for those who are lactose intolerant. The content of the lactose diminishes over the time. As we have mentioned, there is a lot of calcium in cheese, which is beneficial to the teeth. Bone will also benefit from calcium. You can make many meals with the use of cheese, such as cottage cheese, cheesecake pie, macaroni and cheese, cheesy mashed potatoes and many others. We can say that cheese is a healthy food for everyone and even for those with heart problems. If you have such problems, consume mozzarella, cheddar and other versions that have been slimmed down.

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