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Lots of people are not exactly sure what clear liquids are. Every transparent drinkable liquid is considered to be clear liquid. It might have a slight color but a person should be able to see through it. In most cases clear liquids consist of water and sugar, but in some cases salt as well. For instance broths and bullion are made of water and salt. This type of diet means that a person will not be able to consume any solids, milk products and citrus juices like orange or grapefruit. It is important to know that children younger than 3 years of age should not go on this diet.

Some of the drinks that can be consumed during a clear liquid diet are HiC, Koolaid and a majority of juice boxes, Jell-O, popsicles, bullion, clear broth, cranberry, grape and apple juices and certain types of soda pop. However, it is important that a person does not forget that these drinks should be diluted by one-half with either water or ice before drinking.

Clear liquids for intestinal illness

Lots of people who have problems with diarrhea or vomiting go on a clear liquid diets. There are a couple of reasons why that is so. When a person's intestinal cells are damaged he or she will not be able to absorb solids, proteins or fats the way he or she should. If a person continues to consume these foods the state can only get worse. On the other hand, when the intestinal cells are damaged a person can still consume water and sugar. It is important that the person intakes enough water and calories because dehydration and insufficient calories only slow the process of intestine recovery.

Clear liquid advice for diarrhea

A person who suffers from severe diarrhea should make sure that he or she intakes as much clear liquids as possible. 4 quarts of bullion every day is recommended for adults. Clear liquid advice for vomiting

Unlike with diarrhea, a person needs to be more careful with vomiting. If the case is severe even clear liquids may be thrown back up. When the vomiting is bad, a person should wait for an hour without having any problems. If there was no vomiting for an hour a person can start the diet by taking one tablespoon of clear liquid every 3 minutes. The dosage should be 1/8 cup in quarter of an hour. After fifteen minutes the process should be repeated. If there was no vomiting within an hour, a person can consume 1 cup per hour by taking small sips.

Resuming normal diet

After a whole day had passed without any problems a person can start consuming starchy foods. These foods should be consumed for one day and if there are no more problems a person can go back to the old diet with the exclusion of spicy or fatty foods for 7 days.

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