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Cancer chemotherapy diet

People who undergo chemotherapy can make the process faster and more successful if they stick to a proper diet. Chemotherapy is a process where any sort of disease is treated with chemicals. However, people mostly connect the name with the cancer treatment. This therapy stops the growth of cancerous cells which are growing pretty fast. Even though chemotherapy has shown great results with cancer treating, it is not without some side effects. Immune system is the thing that suffers the most and because of that a person is more likely to get infected while on this treatment. This is why it is very important that a person who undergoes chemotherapy eats a lot of nutrient-rich foods. These foods will make his or her immune system a lot stronger and the body will cope with chemotherapy far better.

Benefits of cancer chemotherapy diet

If a person intakes the right foods during the chemotherapy treatment he or she will not experience such strong side effects of chemotherapy. In addition to this, proper food will improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy. This will make it last for a shorter period of time. If a person intakes the right foods he or she will be able to withstand high doses of drugs with no problem whatsoever. Tissues are damaged during the chemotherapy but the nutrients that a person intakes will rebuild them. Diet for chemotherapy

A proper chemotherapy diet should have enough calories and proteins. Calories will give a person the energy which is needed and the proteins will repair the tissues and improve the tissue growth. Fats, vitamins, minerals and fluids should also be included in this diet.

Foods to eat during chemotherapyEggs, nuts, dairy and beans are ideal for this diet because these foods are rich in proteins. Foods that have lots of antioxidants like carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, papaya and cranberries should be a part of the diet as well because antioxidants help during chemotherapy. Potatoes and dairy are rich in carbohydrates and that is why these foods should be in the diet. However, probably the most important thing is water. A person who goes through chemotherapy should drink a lot of water.

Foods to avoid during chemotherapyThere are foods which a person should definitely avoid when undergoing chemotherapy. Hot spicy foods are a good example. Foods that affects the metabolism like fried foods should be avoided as well. An important thing a person should remember is that he or she must not take large portions of food. Meat should be avoided as well because it triggers nausea.

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