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There are many reasons why people decide to go with this diet. Sometimes people consume only liquid items because of medical reasons, sometimes they want to clear out their digestive tract, and sometimes they just want to lose some fat. Usually, liquid diet consists of soups, juices and dairy products.

When to Use Liquid Diets?

If you choose a liquid diet for losing weight, it is vital that you drink liquids that provide you with all the essential nutrients for your body. This is a short term solution since it is not advisable to use this diet for more than 4 or 5 days. By following this diet, you can lose 3 to 8 pounds in a few days.

Good Ideas for Liquid Diet

Choice of nourishments that you can include in this diet is very limited. Still, you can consume some semi fluid foods. Here are some foods that you can use in your liquid diet. For example, you can use: fruit purees, fruit juices or nectars, fruit punch gelatin desserts, yogurt (plain or flavored), honey, different kind of soups, jelly, milk and liquid dairy products, ice-creams (without fruit or chocolate parts), etc.

Incorporating a soup in your liquid diet is thought to be a great idea. Soup is rich in nutrients that can enable your body to sustain for many days. Also, there is a variety of flavors of soup that are available. It is important to have a balanced intake of liquids during the day. The smartest move would be to spread the intake of the liquid to at least three times a day.

Downsides of Liquid Diet

The biggest downside is that when the liquid diet is over, and the person goes back to eating solid food, the weight that was lost during the course of diet will be regained. Also, since the body is deprived of many vital minerals and vitamins, one can experience fatigue and sleepiness. This insufficient intake of essential nutrients can also lead to reduced functioning of your immune system, and that means that you are more prone to diseases and various health problems. This is why it is recommended for people on the liquid diets to consume vitamin and protein supplements along with their liquid meals. Still, some people are forced to use these diets since their medical problem may include recovery from some kind of mouth or jaw intervention.

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