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Even though cancer of the esophagus is not that common it is quite dangerous. As the name says, the cancer attacks the esophagus or the gullet. Some of the most common symptoms of this cancer type are problems with swallowing, weight loss, throat pain and persistent cough. A person who experiences these symptoms should go as soon as possible to the hospital.

Types of esophageal cancer

People should know that there are two main types of this cancer type. The first type is adenocarcinoma of the esophagus. This type is known to be forming in the lower part of the gullet and it occurs when the cells inside the mucus glands start multiplying abnormally. The other type of esophageal cancer is known as squamous cell carcinoma and it forms in the upper part of the gullet. This cancer type occurs when the cells inside of the lining of the esophagus multiply abnormally.

How common is esophageal cancer?

Even thought this cancer type is not common it is far from rare. According to the data, this cancer type is the seventh most common in the United Kingdom. Every year there are 7,000 more people who suffer from it. This cancer type is no common among people younger than 55 and men are a lot more affected by it than women. People should be aware that smoking and drinking are the two biggest risk factors of this cancer type. It is even more dangerous when these two factors are combined.


It is hard for the doctors to discover this cancer type until it has spread into the nearby tissue because there are no obvious symptoms that will point to it. According to the data, only 30% of all people diagnosed with the cancer will live for one year after the diagnosis and only 8% will live for five. The outlook is a lot better if the cancer is diagnosed in its early stages.

Esophageal cancer liquid diet

Due to the fact that swallowing is a lot harder for people suffering from this cancer type, clear liquid and full liquid diets are very popular.

Clear liquid diet

A liquid that a person can see through is a clear liquid. These liquids contain some nutrients but are not nearly enough for the body’s energy levels alone. Some of the clear liquids are coffee, broth, bouillon soup, fresh juices but without pulp, gelatin, popsicles, tea and water.

Full liquid diet

This diet is somewhere between a solid diet and a clear liquid diet. A person who is on this diet will sustain the bodily needs for a long period. Some of the most commonly used full liquids are fruit juices, cream of wheat, honey, jelly, milk, milkshakes, ice cream, pureed meats and vegetables, soups without solids, syrups, vegetable juices, yogurt and pudding.

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