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Before a surgery, patient will be advised to alter his or her diet in order to prepare the body for operation and to speed up recovery.

Purpose of Clear Liquid Diet Before Surgery

A patient must be on a clear liquid diet prior to certain medical tests, such as colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, and before some surgical procedures. Even though, an empty stomach is generally the best option for a surgery, fasting is usually not recommended. Thereby, clear liquid diet presents a good compromise.

Clear liquid diet is commonly recommended for surgical procedures that include mouth and gastrointestinal tract. It is important to have clear intestinal tract if you have to undergo colonoscopy. Jaw surgery also requires clear liquid diet. Prior to bariatric surgery, clear liquid diet help patients to lose some weight.

Clear liquid diet provides needed nutrients and keeps the patient hydrated. It can help the body to remove waste products from the system as well as to reduce the fat. Additionally, such diet doesn’t leave residues in intestines and can be easily digested.

Some people decide for this diet when they try to reduce their body weight. This can lead to rapid weight loss, but the body will lack in proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins and will not be able to provide adequate level of energy. Clear liquid diet should be used only temporarily and under medical supervision. Such diet is recommended to bariatric patients for reducing the body fats and preparing for quicker recovery after the surgery. In bariatric surgery this diet is required in order to shrink patient’s liver because the procedure must be postponed if the liver is too large.

ClassificationClear liquids diet before surgery can be divided according to remaining time before the surgery:

1) A week before surgical procedure, a patient must stop taking dietary supplements that he or she may have taken. This particularly applies to iron and calcium supplements.
2) A day before surgery, a patient must be on low fiber and low residue diet.
3) On a day of surgery, a patient is allowed to take diet 2 hours before surgical procedure.

Clear Liquid Diet SuggestionsClear liquid diet includes liquids which you can see through. That means that fruit juices should be clear and without pulp. Excellent choice is clear apple or clear cranberry juice.

A patient may drink coffee or tea, but caffeine can affect you when you drink it on an empty stomach. Soups can be taken but only clear soups without much salt. You should avoid citrus and pulpy juices as well as milk and milk products. Alcohol is absolutely forbidden.

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