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Flu induced diarrhea

Stomach flu or intestinal flu is among the most common medical conditions as it is known for affecting a large number of people everywhere around the world. This dreaded medical condition is known for being associated with a string of various symptoms, but most cases usually include diarrhea as the most common one of them all. Other common symptoms may or may not include a general feeling of sickness, fatigue, vomiting and upset stomach. For those who do not know, diarrhea is medicinally defined as an abnormal increase in the liquidity, volume or frequency of the bowel movements of a person. In some cases of stomach flu, diarrhea is accompanied by abdominal cramps, and the symptoms may sometimes last for several days. Fortunately enough, there are certain simple remedies which can be used for the treatment of this dreaded medical condition. The remedies which are known for being very efficient in the treatment of stomach flu include various different types of over the counter medications, applesauce, bananas, dry toast, saltine crackers, clear broth, bouillon, fluid replenishing drinks, gelatin and ginger ale. It is highly recommended not to eat any foods for approximately four hours so that the flu induced diarrhea may be relieved. One should also take small amounts of water every few hours. It is wise to gradually add clear broth, bouillon, fluid replenishing drinks, gelatin and ginger ale to the diet, but that needs to be done in small amounts. Consumption of dry toast and saltine crackers should be encouraged, while other forms of solid foods, along with fruit juices and dairy products needs to be avoided for at least one entire day. It is only later on that applesauce and bananas may be added to the diet of a patient who suffers from stomach flu. Over the counter medicaments should only be used if the natural ones fail to deliver any desired results. Diarrhea may be associated with dehydration and fever in some cases, so one needs to seek immediate medical attention if those occur.

Additional options

There are also certain other things which can be done in order to relieve the symptoms of stomach flu and speed up the recovery process. The stomach needs to be settled, and one should rely on water first which can only be accompanied by other clear types of fluids later on. Sometimes the patient may have to rely on electrolyte mixtures as well. One should get plenty of rest and avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.

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