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Vomiting can be caused by the lots of things. Some examples are eating or drinking excessively, having a stomach virus, acid reflux, being pregnant or having some sort of illness. Other causes include stomach cancer, intestinal blockage, brain tumors, injuries or appendicitis. Vomiting is a common side effect of many kinds of medications or when suffering from motion sickness. Vomiting can be a good thing sometimes as the body tries to expel harmful substances in the quickest way possible and should not be repressed.

There are some symptoms of vomiting and every one has experienced them at least at one point in their lives. Some sings include excess amounts of saliva in the mouth, becoming dizzy and lightheaded, the body and skin temperature can change suddenly, you can have trouble in swallowing liquids or foods and have an elevated heartbeat. Having an upset or queasy stomach is a sure pointer that you will be sick, so try to reach a safe place for it, such as a bathroom or a garbage can.

Home treatments of vomiting try to prevent vomiting before it happens. Some stomach soothing beverages include ginger ale, sugarless ginger tea, or simply a glass of warm water. If you have drank too much alcohol, try eating slices of bread to soak up the excess liquid in the stomach. In the case you are already ill and know you are going to throw up, drink a can of room temperature flat cola to settle the stomach. Lime juice can prevent vomiting, so drink that to stop being sick.

After being sick, most people do not eat anything for a long time or jump to eating a lot to fill up the stomach again. Neither of these is good and should be avoided. All solid foods should be avoided for the firth 12 hours and you should focus on liquids, but mostly water, juices and non acid drinks. For the next 12 hours, you should slowly introduce solid foods in the form of soups, oatmeal, rice or potatoes, and try not to overload the stomach.

As this is a common problem, there is no need to find medical help in that instant, unless you are suffering from a more serious medical condition or have been taking some medication. If the vomiting is caused by overindulgence of foods or beverages, you do not need medical attention, but if the vomiting continues for longer periods of time, go to the doctor straight away. You can become dehydrated after some time of vomiting, so turn to the doctor if it gets bad.

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