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Liquid Diet Cleanse

Liquid diets or diets consisting only of juices or teas are often used as short-term detoxification program. Detox or cleansing diet can help to remove toxins and poisons from the body.

Cleansing diet is excellent way to get rid off toxins that accumulated due to alcohol consumption or smoking. They are also recommended to people with high cholesterol and infections of kidneys or liver.

Liquid cleanse diets are not suitable for long-term or excessive weight loss but can be of benefit for both preoperative and postoperative procedures.


Liquid diet cleanse is controversial. This is because, such diets involve severe restrictions since dieter must not consume any solid food during detoxification. When you start a liquid diet, you will drink only one or combinations of few liquids while you are not allow eating any solid food during the particular period of time needed for the system to cleanse. This can be very unhealthy for many, since digestive system and entire metabolism can suffer. Thereby, liquid cleanse diets should be embark upon great care.

A liquid diet may not provide the needed nutrients to maintain adequate energy levels for many individuals. This is due to lack of proteins, vitamins and fibers. Ultimately, this may lead to malnutrition and weak resistance to disease.

How to Start a Liquid Cleansing Diet

Before starting any liquid diet, you should consult your physician. He has to determine are you healthy enough to follow this program since liquid diets are associated with many adverse effects. There are various diets that are considered as detoxifying diets and they are different in duration. They include:4-week ultimate body detox planthe clean dietclean green and leandiuretic dietfat flush dietfruit flush 3 day detoxgreen smoothies dietthe master cleanser dietliquid or juice-only diets liver cleansing dietraw food dietDetox diet doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drink only liquids, you may have fruit and vegetable shakes as well.

You can start with liquid cleanse diet by drinking fresh lemon juice mixed with warm water as soon as you wake up in the morning. That will promote production of bile in your liver. For lunch, you may have fruit or vegetable smoothie or shakes and maple syrup. You can prepare a lunch consisting of lemon juice and flaxseed. Another option is to blend in a vegetable and mix it with sugar, salt, cayenne pepper and ice.For dinner you can prepare vegetable soup or have some fruit smoothie. Snack should consist only of pure fruit juices.

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