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There are a lot of people all over the world who are in need of a gastric bypass surgery. These people need to know that when they undergo this surgery, they will need to follow a special diet, called gastric bypass surgery diet. Before undergoing the surgery, it is best that a person finds out as much as he or she can about the diet.

Gastric bypass surgery overview

A person who undergoes this surgical procedure has probably lost all hope about losing weight. For almost all people this surgery is the last resort and people turn to it when none of the recommended treatments for losing weight has worked. A person who is obese and experiences some health problems will benefit a lot from this procedure. The goal of this procedure is to reduce the size of the stomach. This is done by using a plastic band or a staple. With the stomach size reduced, a person will not be able to eat as much as he or she used to and that will lead to weight loss. However, people need to know that following a special diet after the surgery is essential.

Post gastric bypass surgery diet

According to the doctors, a person will be able to consume only 4 ounces of food right after the surgery. In time the stomach will stretch and allow a person to eat more. This is why it is important to follow the diet plan. There are four stages of the diet plan.

The first stage is clear liquid diet. For the first couple of days after the surgery a person will take only clear liquids in order for the stomach to heal. A person should not take more than 64 ounces of liquid in one day.

Pureed diet and soft solid foods stages

Pureed diet is stage two. Pureed foods will be consumed once the doctor determines that the stomach is able to take in the liquids. Lean ground meats, egg whites, soft vegetable and fruits and yogurt are some of the foods that a person can eat. It is important that a person does not drink any liquid while eating.

Soft solid foods are consumed in the third stage. These foods are on the menu after a period of up to 10 weeks of pureed foods. At this time, people can intake 6 ounces of food.

Final stage

Regular diet is the final stage of the diet. When the doctor determines that a person is comfortable with semi solid and soft foods, he or she can switch to regular foods. However, a person should introduce these foods gradually and not all at once.

Tips for gastric bypass surgery diet

It is good for a person to practice this diet before the surgery. People need to chew the food thoroughly in order to help the digestive system. Fat and sugary foods need to be avoided after the surgery.

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