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There are a lot of people who suffer from an inflammation in the diverticula of the intestinal wall and when that happens it is usually the case of diverticulitis. Not a lot of people know that diverticula are bulges protruding through the intestinal wall and every time a certain area of the large intestine gets weak because of the pressure and swelling that is caused in these bulges leads to diverticulitis. Most common symptoms of this disorder are strong abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, fever and irregular bowel movements. There are also times when a person may experience bleeding from the rectum but theses cases are quite rare. There are certain factors that may lead to diverticulitis like aging, lack of exercise, less fiber content in food and even obesity. People also need to know that a diverticulitis diet plan is not the cure for the disease but rather a preventive measure.

Diet plan for diverticulitis

Experts will advise a person who needs to go on a diverticulitis diet that the most important foods are those that contain a lot of fiber and that he or she needs to consume a lot of water. Fluids are important for the digestion of fiber. Clear fluid intake is important and a person can consume broth, plain water, fruit juices and ice chips and a person should do this when the symptoms are first discovered. Foods like skimmed milk, low fat yogurt, eggs, tender chicken, fish, white rice, properly cooked vegetables and canned fruits have low fiber contents and an affected person should eat them during the affliction from this disease. On the other hand, foods like legumes, wheat, rye, brown rice, oats, whole grain breads and certain fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and should be consumed after a person has suffered from an attack as something of a prevention measure. Low fiber foods should be consumed when a person is suffering from diverticulitis because the colon is weak. Once the colon regains its strength a person should switch to high fiber foods. Fiber foods are excellent in this situation because they have lots of vitamins A, C and E and selenium. Diverticulitis diet foods to avoid

A person who suffers from this disease should avoid eating processed foods, nuts, corn, refined products, pumpkin, chili peppers, caraway, sesame seeds, fats and creamy sauces and junk foods like pizzas, burgers and spicy foods, among certain others.

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