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Bodybuilders rarely think about any other kind of exercise, apart from the gym. Some of them don’t even realize that other physical activities may benefit their training and help them achieve better results. Their logic is that by building the muscles, the body will be stronger and they could lift more weight. To some extent this works, until they reach the limitation of their body. At that point, many bodybuilders start using supplement and synthetic substances. Sometimes, it might not be necessary. Why risk using synthetics, if you can achieve more only by changing the way you look at exercise?

How to Achieve Better Results

It’s fairly easy – by walking. This is one of those activities that probably won’t hurt any of your muscles. Walking will help losing some extra weight, help toning your muscles and keep your heart healthy. At the same time, it would be beneficial for all parts of your body. A vigorous walk will significantly decrease the potential risk of diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiovascular diseases and even breast cancer. Walking should be planned. Decide your route, distance and speed. Also, keep in mind what you want to achieve. To be fit, many trainers recommend walking for one hour, about a mile per 15 minutes. Be aware that you should walk upright, contract stomach muscles and move your hands to maintain the same rhythm. Sometimes, it might be wise to consult your doctor about the walk. He/she will help you decide the distance and pace of your walking. Sometimes, it may not be exciting to walk. Many people find it boring after a while. You shouldn’t stop doing it because it starts to be a routine. Change the route every week, do some errands while walking, walk your dog or walk and talk with a friend or two. Change of scenery might also help. Take a walk in the countryside, at the beach or in the city park. Enjoy the nature around you, and try walking on the grass. It is a much different feeling to walk on the grass or the sand and you might enjoy it. If you can, try walking at a different part of the day: early morning before work, on your lunch break or after the work. Some people enjoy evening and night walking.

Good Advices

Find yourself proper footwear to walk, you don’t want to injure your feet or feel uncomfortable. Always bring a bottle of clear water with you and drink it. If you decide to walk after dark avoid secluded areas, always bring a flash light and wear something bright on you, so that the drivers may see you.

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