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In cases that you are just staring to run, you will find fellow runners around you most pleasant and full of the advices for beginner runners. But just to systemize all of this beginners advices, we asked the experienced runners only one question: What it is that you know now, that you wish you knew at a begging of your running?, and so, here are some of those answers and advices for beginner runners.

How To Begin

When you are a new runner, best is to start to walk for about 10-30 minutes, just to warm up. After that you can insert period of couple of minutes of running into your walking, and gradually over time, make theses intervals of running longer and longer.

What about Stitches

Stitches often happen with novice runners because their abdomen muscle are not accustomed to running yet. As your fitness increases stitches will become rarer occasion. In time when you got a stitch, stop and breathe deeply, and try to push out all of the air from your abdomen and that should relay your abdomen and end the stitch.

Breathing while running; nose or mouth

You should try to breath trough your mouth, because that way more oxygen can come in and help your muscles. On the other hand, some runners breathe through their noses, believing that this way is more relaxing to them, so you choose what is best for you.

Special Running Shoes; Yes or No

Although running does not require any heavy investments from you, unlike some other sports, good running shoes are the must. In this modern age, new running shoes are scientifically designed to provide your feet with best position to strike the ground in course of running, reducing the amount of shock to the legs and body, so do not hesitate, buy a good pair now.

Where to Run

You should pick a good track route if you can, away from traffic, safe and pretty. If you can find a professional semi soft track somewhere in the park, it would be the best. You can set your watch to measure the distance and talk to other runners about some new good track that they can recommend.

How about Pain when I Run

When you are beginner runner some muscle pain is normal and as you get into shape, and improve your fitness, pain and discomfort will remain, because you will then run faster or longer. So you can not avoid totally discomfort while running, but in cases that you have a stronger muscle pain, stop immediately, take a few days off, and if pain persist, go to see a doctor.

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